We want to give your family peace of mind

OnemoreHand began in Malta in 2019, the result of a lengthy test started in 2007 and based on its founder’s experience. We are the first contact point for families and their home-care needs, with clear, fixed prices and a no-surprises “turnkey” formula. Onemorehand works on the quality of all its pre- and post-sales services. Whoever chooses our services pays a single price for three people at the same time:

The House Angel

who works at the house

The Family Consultant

who monitors the House Angel’s work

The Academy service

which provides the continuous training of both individuals

We would like to introduce your contact person, Lorenzo Cruini, Senior Family Consultant in Malta.
His role in Malta is to carry out a home analysis of the family’s needs and select the most suitable employee for its individual requirements, whether the position to be filled is that of a babysitter, housekeeper, or caregiver.

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Our primary objective is to find the right person for each situation and, through our House Angels’ expertise, guarantee the delicate relationship of trust that must be established with the family, whom we wish to give complete peace of mind. Today we have standardized the sharing of this acquired knowledge (about 5000 active staff in recent years) to develop a system that can be reproduced in Malta and the rest of Europe.


Onemorehand believes in giving peace of mind to families and the elderly, who are at the roots of their experience. Trust us and our specialized caregivers to take care of them.

A babysitter is often a fundamental element in family life and helps the children feel protected, even when their parents are away.
Leave us the task of selecting an housekeeper that suits your and your home’s needs. Get the help you need for your household chores.
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Guaranteeing peace of mind to the family, we believe, is the starting point for our company’s future. We also think that “Serenity is the true strength of life” (quote by Rita Levi Montalcini).
The tree has always been a symbol of life and humanity. At Onemorehand, we compare the family to a large, centuries-old tree. Its roots—the elderly, bearers of ancient values and historical memory—are the basis for directing the trunk towards sustainable and proper growth.
Then, for us, the branches and trunk represent a family’s natural evolution, with parents and children. At Onemorehand, our ambition is to be the gardener that takes care of this beautiful plant.
For this reason, we have specialized in home care and “turnkey” personnel, with specialized individuals we call Angels of the House, essential to ensuring a family’s peace of mind.


We want a company united, not fragmented, by family values, one that appreciates and values its own identity, because family happiness is the next step. We believe in home care that has value, especially for the elderly. From years of studies and data collection, we have seen that older adults who remain in their homes live better, happier, and longer (on average three years). We guarantee assistance to those who need it with our live-in or hourly caregiver, housekeeper, driver, or gardener services. What makes a difference for the elderly is proximity to their children and grandchildren, who are their lifeblood. For us, assistance is a great responsibility. Each family is considered to be unique. We have created the Family Consultant position to supervise domestic personnel and manage a maximum of 50 families per month, establishing an exclusive relationship of trust with each one.
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