Familycare Consulting s.r.l.s. is the part of OnemoreHand that deals with managing and developing the franchise in Italy.
Why start your own business and open a franchise office with our home-care brand?
For three main reasons:
1. To share OnemoreHand’s values and mission.
2. To understand the statistics on the ageing European population compared to the decline in births, and combine this with a strong belief in investing in this business area.
3. To benefit from Onemorehand’s unique and profitable system, which has reached a break-even point in 2 years and a constant 20% annual growth in turnover.
According to the latest data, people aged 65 and over exceed 13.5 million and consist of 18.9% of the total European population.
In this scenario, the national health system will find it difficult to cope with the numerous requests for assistance, making people opt for private home-care assistance.

The advantages for the franchisee include:

Ease of management

Use of OnemoreHand’s software to completely manage services and pay slips for the families

Quick break-even point

A proven process for quickly achieving a return on your investment

Support and advice

Continuous support of the franchisee. Business and technical consultancy


Cost optimization (office furniture, telephony, signs, etc.) for the start-up phase


Marketing manual. The institutional website will host a page dedicated to each office


The first in its sector, the 4MyFamily app includes geolocation, facilitates customer acquisition and expands the franchisees’ database

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