Looking for live-in carer in Malta?

Give your family serenity. We are ready to cover even domestic care emergencies.
“Give serenity to your roots, to your family. ONEMOREHAND
Claudio Cannavacciuolo

A story that starts from far away

OneMoreHand is a network of agencies for home care services.
A family consultant will support you in providing of trained staff, such as caregivers, housekeeper and babysitters.
We are the first in Italy who specialize in caregiving 24/7.


Are you capable of choosing the best for your family?

Discover the mistakes that should be avoided

No comparison with qualified health care workers

No contractual guarantee/warranty

No replacement in case of service interruption


Our mission?

To provide serenity for the family. Since we believe that the future of our society begins with the family. We also believe that “Serenity is the true strength of life”
(cit. Rita Levi Montalcini).

That's why we specialize in live-in caregivers, professional figures essential to ensure the serenity of the roots of a family.
Then the trunk and the branches, the adults and the children. For these parts of the family ecosystem, we select and train qualified domestic helpers and babysitters.

Ready to make the right choice?

Rely on experienced consultants who know how to counsel you the best possible way and accompany/guide you to make the right choice for you.

Have a counselor for ongoing monitor of choices

Through our expertise we will find the best contractual form

Always ready with the right person. Even in case of service interruption

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