Are you a caregiver at the beginning of your career journey?

Find out now 3 mistakes not to make

Become a real professional

Why choose OneMoreHand

Improve basic techniques

Improve your approach

Increase awareness and value of your work

Who we are and why you should listen to us

OneMorehand is a network of agencies specializing in home care.
We strongly believe in the value of home care, and our mission is guaranteeing serenity to the family.

In order to ensure this, we provide train consultants and specialized in the management of each type of specific situation, with the aim of identifying the right person for the right place.

What does it take to be a professional caregiver?

Basic Techniques

Required to manage the basic needs of the person being cared for

The right approach

The right way to communicate and interact with people


The value of the figure of the home care worker and its importance for society

Give more value to your professionalism!

Identify now
3 mistakes not to make

Discover the opportunities that our course offers to you

Through our journey you will review the fundamental themes that allow you to better manage this type of activity.
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