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The mistakes not to make when you choose to pursue this career journey

1 Learn the job from the explanations of friends and acquaintances: learning incorrect techniques from untrained personnel can become the cause of future damage and injury.

2 Thinking that you can relate in the same way to every type of patient without learning to discern the characteristics of different kinds of illness and different kinds of disability.

3 Don’t value your job enough by thinking it can be done by anyone without training or specialization.

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Here are 3 benefits reserved for you who participate in the course of OneMoreHand

The abc of home care is a practical course aimed to all those who enter for the first time in contact with this profession, or simply for those who want to make a general review of the key issues that allow you to better manage this type of activity.

This is a first approach to learning the techniques needed to manage the person who is bedridden.

It is a useful comparison to understand if the movements and techniques used are actually correct, in order to avoid physical and structural damage over time.

It is a guarantee for the acquisition of specific competences and therefore for obtaining a higher score in the selection process.


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What will you learn in this course?

Basic Techniques

Required to manage the basic needs of the person being cared for

The right approach

The right way to communicate and interact with people


The value of the figure of the home care worker and its importance in society

Through the course organized by Solidali you will first learn the correct approach to work in a family environment/atmosphere: from focusing on the person assisted, to the right communication.

You will also learn all the practical techniques to be able to take care of people in a professional and certified way. By the end of the course you will have acquired skills, abilities and an awareness of the importance of your role in society.

You will have more opportunities and credibility to work in a profession that is as sensitive as it is vital.

Discover the opportunities offered by our course

The certificate of participation in the course is a significant element in a possible presentation to a family interested in the service

In how many languages is the course available?

The Abc home care course is available in the following languages:


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