Are you looking for work as caregivers?

OneMoreHand is a network of agencies specializing in home care. We firmly believe in the value of home care. To ensure peace of mind for the family is our mission.
In order to ensure this, we provide consultants who are trained and specialized in handling any type of specific situation with the goal of finding the right person in the right place.

A story that starts from far away

Through a series of courses organized by OneMoreHand, you will first learn the correct approach to work within a family environment: start from the focusing the person being cared for, to the right communication.
You will also learn all the practical techniques to be able to take care of people in a professional and certified way. At the end of the course you will have achived skills, abilities and awareness of the importance of your role in society. You will gain the opportunities, credibility and reliability to carry out a profession that is as sensitive as it is valuable.

Want to become a caregiver?

Here are the mistakes that should be avoided! Become a professional caregiver

Basic Techniques

Required to manage the basic needs of the person being cared for

The right approach

The right way to communicate and interact with people


The value of the figure of the home care worker and its importance in society

First of all we are all human beings

We believe that the future of our society begins with the family. We also believe that “Serenity is the true strength of life”
(cit. Rita Levi Montalcini).

That's why we specialize in cohabiting caregivers, professional figures that are essential to ensure the serenity ih you home. We are specialized in training cohabiting caregivers, professional figures essential to ensure the serenity in you home.

Ready to make the right choice?

Rely on experienced consultants who know how to counsel you in the best possible way and accompany/guide you to make the right choice for you.

Basic Techniques

We'll provide you with tools to improve your basic techniques and make you an industry professional

The right approach

The right approach is critical.
Our consultants will guide you in honing this skill.


We will increase your awareness, and help in your journey of growth becoming constant.

Work with us!

“We believe that the future of our society begins with the family. ONEMOREHAND