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Onemorehand is the first company specialized, with advice and support for the delicate relationship of trust that must be created between the carer and the family.

Qualified personelles to take care of your children in hourly basis or 24H, 7days a week.
Multitasking person to ensure a home is very well organised.

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For years, we have selected the best profiles of international candidates to assist the elderly. Within the family unit, the elderly person is often the one who needs the most assistance.
However, when, for personal reasons, family members cannot give them the necessary care, an outside caregiver is the most sensible alternative for assisting the elderly, who represent our roots.
The caregiver’s presence is adapted to the requirements of the person in need of care, for a minimum of two hours or even as a live-in.
We can advise you on the best solution, starting with your family budget, guaranteeing you the best possible assistance that falls within your budget.
This type of service offers family members the serenity of always having someone in the house, excluding the 36 free hours to which the live-in caregiver is entitled. Thus, the family knows that their senior is never alone.
When we meet, we will help you better understand the actual costs of managing a live-in service. Such factors as food and accommodation, expenses for any replacements during the caregiver’s vacation or absence, and the increased domestic utilities must all be considered. At the end of a short interview, you will
know the actual monthly expenses to best manage your family’s budget.
OnemoreHand specializes in home care. It offers advice and support in establishing the requisite relationship of trust between the family and House Angels, respecting schedules and spaces, and the various national customs, thanks to our constant intermediation.
The caregiver must have 11 consecutive hours of rest during the day as a guarantee, therefore, approximately 2 hours a day.
She or he will work about 5.5 days a week with the right to 30 days of annual leave.
To guarantee peace of mind and expertise to the family, we at OnemoreHand periodically organize training courses to better prepare future caregivers, who may then become part of the family.

The courses are held by specialized professionals, including nutritionists, geriatricians, nurses, and educators, and address such issues as:
– BLS First aid;
– Health care;
– Knowledge of specific illnesses;
– Communication essentials;
– English language (for Malta);
– Psychology of interpersonal and intergenerational relationships;
– Work safety, hygiene and domestic cleaning;
– Nutrition for older adults;
– House cleaning and sanitizing, including anti-COVID measures, the rooms of the house;
– Games and entertainment;
– By contacting us, you can be sure to find the person who is best suited to your needs and be able to attentively and skillfully care for your elderly family member, thus guaranteeing your family’s peace of mind.


Choose the best for your child and rely on our babysitters. The babysitter is a crucial element to the family unit, providing valuable help to parents, especially if they are working.
It is essential to have a trusted figure at your side, who is not merely company for the children, but also helps raise them.
We at OneMoreHand will select qualified personnel for the care of your children that suit you and your specific needs, from a minimum of 2 hours per day to a live-in service.
The babysitters we select for you have attended our training courses, or have a top-level CV, and are available to:
– Care for the child at their usual or vacation home;
– Help the child with homework, with the possibility of requesting different levels of training (e.g., Montessori);
– Prepare meals;
– Accompany the child between home and school;
– Entertainment and extracurricular activities.

All OnemoreHand on-call babysitters and live-ins are covered by a policy that ensures compensation in the event of damage to things or harm to people.
Don’t put your most precious possessions, your children, in the hands of strangers. Trust us.


Over the years, Onemorehand has selected only highly skilled individuals to care for your home.
Taking care of the place where we live and work, even a vacation home, makes us happier and more relaxed, even if we often don’t have the time to do it.
The domestic employee, or housekeeper, provides a service either in your first or second home, with family or guests, or at your office. This employee is key to carrying out activities related to cleaning, sanitation, serving at the table, ironing, and washing.
A housekeeper must be multi-talented, because she or he takes care of many activities inside the house, including:

– Cleaning the whole or part of the house on a daily basis;
– Cleaning offices and vacation homes;
– Thorough cleaning of historical or country houses;
– Washing and ironing;
– Gardening duties;
– Meal preparation;
– Serving at the table;
– Take care of grocery shopping;
– Greeting guests.

OnemoreHand’s on-call housekeepers are covered by an insurance policy that provides a guarantee in case of damage to things or injury to people.
Do you want a certificate that verifies the references of the people you have in your home? Ask us! Our staff has been trained and/or had their references checked directly by us; we update proof of a lack of criminal record every three months.

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